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This would apply equally to a photon of light or a light stream of these particles if a cold enough environment were created to enable the substantial decrease of the vibrational rate of the light particle thus inevitably greatly slowing the speed and directional momentum to greater or lesser degree according to the degree of  heat absence within the environment. Professor Hau has ably demonstrated this with great success and demonstrates with complete simplicity the success of this occult law. Hau in fact is probably one of those scientists of equal rank to HPB. JPC.

Light and matter united



When one of these great Masters of men and things states unequivocally that all manifest life, all life in form, is the result of motion and vibration it naturally follows that those who can accept that statement desire to know somewhat of the nature of that which is set in motion and vibration and the fundamental cause of the same...


Every form and grade of matter is created by some one mode or rate of vibration, and each responds to a definite note or key, both from above and below. A Master of one of the high degrees of life holds within himself the power to change the course of any vibrating wave within a definite circle or sphere of operations. He has within himself the tuning fork, to use a figurative term, by which he can find the key to the vibration of sound, light, heat and electricity. That tuning fork would correspond somewhat to the sender and receiver of a wireless instrument, although the latter is limited far beyond that of the human tuning fork when it is perfected.


If a wireless instrument were complete an operator could change the direction of heat waves by interfering with vibration within a definite area. He could bond the waves from a transverse to a straight or horizontal direction, and so freeze solid every living thing within that area. He could do the same to the light waves, and no ray of light could penetrate the darkness of that area. He could change the course of electrical waves, and no sound could penetrate that radius. He could increase the power, and all live creatures therein would be instantly electrocuted ; and were he possessed of the power to change the course or stop the vibration of all four of these life destroying and building energies . sons of Fohat . he could blot out all manifestation of life as far as life on the physical plane is concerned within a certain area of the earth, and he could do all this by manipulating a few keys tuned to the keys of the vibratory waves of ether and air. When man once comes to a realization of these great truths his "likeness to God" becomes evident to his consciousness.


Even now he is unconsciously using the power of the before mentioned human tuning fork within the area of his own aura to some degree.. Every conscious act of good or ill intent is changing the course of some vibratory wave and so creating, changing or disintegrating some form of substance within that auric sphere . the akashic robe of the Christ . the Christ who will be the informing consciousness of the Nirmanakaya body when the Ego, the real you, wins that body through its long travail. Think for a moment what such a destiny for man must mean, when in your hours of despondency, of disgust and discouragement you view the evidences of evil in yourself and others and forget the evidences of power to reverse that evil. If even the faintest approach to realization comes over you in those moments you will never again say life is not worth living. [TT 438] Temple Teachings. Chohan Hilarion.


Heat and cold apparently have this power, though in reality neither heat nor cold is the primary source of such action. The power lies in the electric energy which increases or decreases the vibrations of such molecules as have been energized for the production of heat or cold. Hilarion.


"Atoms at room temperature move in a random, chaotic way. But when chilled in a vacuum to about 460 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, under certain conditions millions of atoms lock together and behave as a single mass". www.


JC: Brothers, Master Hilarion states that the use of heat or cold may be used to either speed up or slow down the vibration frequency of an atom or group of atoms together with their constituent mass of electrons. This would apply equally to a photon of light or a light stream of these particles if a cold enough environment were created to enable the substantial decrease of the vibrational rate of the light particle thus inevitably greatly slowing the speed and directional momentum to greater or lesser degree according to the degree of  heat absence within the environment. Professor Hau has ably demonstrated this with great success and demonstrates with complete simplicity the success of this occult law. Hau in fact is probably one of those scientists of equal rank to HPB. The use of a "super cooled sodium cloud" within a "billionths of a degree above absolute zero" proves the environmental condition necessary to slow light particles to 20km per hour and this was further reduced to a standstill. Hau stated that the light particles became particles of matter. This in effect was the result of the tremendous reduction in temperature of the particles which reduced the highly charges photons so critically that the light or high luminosity factor was greatly reduced or ended temporarily. The Sodium condensate gas was initially super heated to create the cloud or atmosphere to halt the light beam of the laser, this was done using lasers. It was then super cooled with lasers and then the hyper charged sodium atoms were stabilised into spin as a "travelling matter wave" or reduced light particle wave. This was sent to another condensate which captured the matter wave/particles [atoms] and converted it back to light as another laser beam was shone into the matter particles and thus again excited the matter particles which increased their vibration rate once again to their original rate of frequency or livingness and thus reappeared as light photons in their original energetic state. However, whist in their greatly decreased and slowed matter condition the atoms were capable of being "impressed" with information by a control laser and then retrieved, just as the matter on a compact disc is able to be "burnt" by a laser. This obviously opens up all manner of potential possibilities regarding computing and communications. And as the Master Hilarion indicates, a whole new set of responsibilities. The whole spirit matter, matter spirit statement is clearly elucidated, and professor hau has demonstrated with great dedication and simplicity the revelation of how light energy may be converted and worked with. Lene Hau and co-workers state that light was also made to travel faster than 186,000 miles per second, presumably by exciting the vibration rate in excess of the original. I conclude that these experiments will result at some point in other revelatory discoveries for science. God bless.


Such rays of light would be directly transmitted from the Central Spiritual Sun through the sun of this solar system, but would not be traceable by the physical sense of sight. Hilarion. TT 455.


All physical phenomena as we understand the term have an electrical origin, and an initial vibration on the first subplane of the physical plane.


That Light, physical plane light, has a close connection with, and uses, as a medium, the second ether. TCF 322.


The pulse of light, composed of particles called photons, was "slowed down from 300,000 kilometres per second to 20 km per hour" and then to a standstill, its information stored inside the frigid, treacly cloud, explained co-author Lene Vestergaard Hau.

What has happened up to this point is a phenomenon well known to scientists (See A picture is worth a single photon, Cosmos Online). But when the laser was turned off, the light pulse made an imprint - "like a hologram," said Hau - that started moving slowly until it exited the condensate cloud into free space. "What you wind up with is an absolute perfect copy of the light pulse, but in matter form," she said.

And then, in a true 'quantum leap', the transformed photons jumped to a neighbouring condensate cloud a fraction of a millimetre away, where the original light field reappeared.

"It is one of those things that are known from theory but are still counter-intuitive," said Fleischhauer, in a commentary that appeared alongside the study in today's edition of the British journal Nature. According to the team, the photons were transferred from one cloud to the next because the optical pulse was converted into a wave of travelling matter. www.


Re: Motion and Vibration Light and Matter


JC: Dear Brothers, I would like to continue with thoughts along the line of motion and vibration, light and matter, with an emphasis on the atom of matter and light. God bless.


This is a transition period between the passing out of the Piscean Age, with its emphasis upon authority and belief, and the coming in of the Aquarian Age, with its emphasis upon individual understanding and direct knowledge. The activity of these forces, characteristic of the two signs, produces in the atoms of the human body a corresponding activity. We are on the verge of new knowledges and the atoms of the body are being tuned up for reception. Those atoms which are predominantly Piscean are beginning to slow down their activity and to be "occultly withdrawn," as it is called, or abstracted, whilst those which are responsive to the New Age tendencies are, in their turn, being stimulated and their vibratory activity increased. EXT 3.


JC: DK states, the physical sheath is made up of those atoms responding both to Piscean forces and those responding to Aquarian forces. The former are being "occultly withdrawn" as their activity is proportionally decreased as the Piscean 6th ray force is withdrawn. Correspondingly, atoms which respond predominantly to Aquarian and 7th ray force are simultaneously being stimulated with resulting increase in vibratory activity and facility to more adequately reflect light via the bodies and via the physical sheath. It will be obvious to the reader that the physical brain and bodily constitution largely composed of the Piscean 6th ray atoms will not respond to the new emphasis and occult faculty of direct knowledge due to the atomic rotation not being adequate to the higher vibrational activity required to transmit higher mental faculties. Those who through adequate service and striving who have equipped themselves by way of redemption and transmutation of material atoms to a higher state of livingness, who have replaced Piscean atoms with Aquarian atoms will correspondingly respond with greater facility to the new incoming force, will live and serve not by belief and authority but through direct knowledge and buddhic intuition on the lowest material plane of expression. This will bring to mind the current opportunity before humanity in taking advantage of inflowing 7th ray Aquarian activity that will greatly speed the building of the un-principled physical sheath making infinitely greater the prospects of preparing for and taking Initiation. The intention, as DK hints, is for the body to be "composed of atomic subplane matter".


What the student should recognise is that during a cycle of ray influence, the object of its immediate attention receives and absorbs it, and transmutes it according to its need. TCF 439.


Matter itself is an abstruse subject and has as yet scarcely been hinted at. It is nevertheless indissoluble mixed up with the karma of the individual. TCF 76.


This atomic matter is living substance, each atom being a tiny life palpitating with the vitality of the third Logos. TCF 888.


You must bear in mind that, as H.P.B. points out, the dense physical body is not a principle. It is atomic matter which is held in form by etheric substance, under the control of the soul. EH 335.


The substance of the highest physical form of a human being is therefore atomic. The Master's physical body is made of atomic matter, and when He wishes to materialize it on the dense physical plane, He forms a sheath of gaseous substance upon that atomic matter, perfect in its delineation of all the known physical traits. TCF 935.


The finer the grade of matter built into our bodies, the more brilliantly will shine forth the indwelling light. Light is vibration, and through the measurement of vibration is fixed the grading of the scholars. A Besant. IHS 68.


The four initiations, prior to that of the adept, mark respectively the attainment of certain proportions of atomic matter in the bodies - for instance,


At the first initiation one-fourth atomic matter, at the second one-half atomic matter, at the third three-quarters atomic matter, and so on to the completion. Since buddhi is the unifying principle (or the welder of all) , at the fifth initiation the adept lets the lower vehicles go, and stands in his buddhic sheath. He creates thence his body of manifestation. IHS 17.


A typical atom is anywhere from 0.1 to 0.5 nanometers in diameter. DNA molecules areabout 2.5 nanometers wide. Most proteins are about 10 nanometers wide, and a typical virus is about 100 nanometers wide. A bacterium is about 1000 nanometers. Human cells, such as red blood cells, are about 10,000 nanometers across. www.


JC: The Chohan Hilarion states there are relatively large spaces between cells and molecules, and even between electrons within the atom. In doing so he sets before us a sub universe not unlike the heavenly universe composed of the myriads of suns, planets and all manner of other components. He illustrates that within this lesser space are other lives, greater in size than the atoms such as we understand today as being Proteins, Viruses, Bacteria and Cells. His keynote for this exercise seems to be, that of proportionate space between microscopic or invisible matter which he states as being "where one must disappear to give space to the other."


Microorganisms that are injurious to the tissues of the body secrete and expel still more minute forms of life which are just as injurious to the nervous fluids as the former are to the tissues, and these in turn secrete and expel yet finer forms of  psycho-organisms. The "devourers" (one degree of the fiery lives).  A higher degree of the fiery lives . "the builders". It is said "the lowest subdivisions of Prana are the microbes of science". There is a life spark, a little life in every atom of molecule of Fire, Air, Earth or Water. These are the fiery lives, the constructors and devourers of Form. Hilarion.



The comparatively great spaces between the cells, the molecules, atoms and electrons, which recent investigation has proven, paves the way for understanding somewhat  of the universes which may exist, peopled by conscious lives now classified as microbes, germs etc, and even more minute forms of  life. 

Analogy and correspondence furnish plenty of evidence to the thinker that, as those lesser areas of space are peopled by minute forms of  life, so the wider spaces are peopled by forms of life correspondingly greater in size; beings in which countless other large forms of life now visible to the eye of man,  may be of correspondingly microbic proportion to the consciousness of such beings. These new discoveries of science are related to facts which have been known to the masters of wisdom for ages, and many of these facts have been made known to the disciples of the said masters long before they were announced by the devotees of  science  now  engaged  in  such  research.  However, there is  one impassable  barrier  between  the  findings  of  the  average  scientist  and the teachings of the masters, and that is that barrier at the point where spirit and matter meet, and "where one must disappear to give space to the other."


The master teaches that that point lies in the atomic field of life, in other words, that neither the atom nor electron is matter, in the strict sense of the word, but mind and soul, entirely different states of existence within which the microbes of science are non-existent, while at the same time they are created, built, Into form by consciousness. He  teaches  that  all  the  forms  of  the  greater  as  well  as  the  lesser universes  [TT 455]  which the scientist now postulates, are facts in nature also created and  animated by consciousness, and as both lie outside the fields of gross matter and are not subject to the governing laws of such matter they can only be observed and contacted by the inner senses. The senses of soul.


One  of  the  very  interesting  findings  of  a  famous  scientist  and microscopist is that the utmost attainable limit of resolving power by which life in minutia is observable is 1,140,004th of an inch, and that such  restriction  is  caused  by  refraction.  This means  that  the  ray  of light which enters the lens of the microscope at its axis bends around the object and enters the eye exactly as though the object did not exist.


However, while this does not mean that organized life does not exist in minutia beyond that object, it does mean to the occultist that there  are  light  rays  which  would  not  bend  in  even  a microscope  of much  greater  power,  and  therefore  would  leave  the  object  visible  to the eye, if that eye could bear the light ; such rays of light would be directly transmitted from the Central Spiritual Sun through the sun of this solar system, but would not be traceable by the physical sense of sight. The light would be visible to the psychic sense of sight. When rays  of  light  are  diffracted  .  bent  around  an  object,  a  window  is opened into the astral plane at the bend, through which man might see the astral image of any material object in its path if the physical eye were differently constructed. Until  the  scientist  can  accept  the  fact  that  the  light  which  to  all appearances comes from the visible sun is but the reflection of certain rays of a much greater central sun, his researches in that line will be unsatisfactory. Hilarion.


JC: Hilarion states that light is refracted as we know when such a high resolving power is taken to observe microscopic lives. He also states that at the point of diffraction where the light is bent around the object this light is transmitted though matter i.e. a strong lens and the object to be observed. Light in this environment has its speed altered, reduced and the direction of travel offset. Other high light powered microscopes and electron scopes exist today but the observation is done by staining the observed to darken it and in effect no living thing may be studied. Electrons may also be passed through a preparation and a secondary radiation formed and used to form the image. But note the word "secondary". The study of quantum mechanics does seem to be heading in the direction of "that barrier at the point where spirit and matter meet, and "where one must disappear to give space to the other." This describes for us the difference, if there is any, between subatomic particles and electromagnetic waves called wave-particle duality, where it seems, particles and waves were neither one nor the other! We note the Hilarion speaks of the use of the higher intuition or "sixth sense" to be used in greater discovery of the mysteries of light, spirit matter, matter spirit. He clearly describes the refraction of light as being the doorway to the heart of the sun and thus to the central spiritual sun. He elucidates the use of a greater more powerful light than physical light to avoid refraction and delve into the still lesser minutia and I suggest partial/wave phenomena. I would like to suggest that while Hilarion indicates that until the scientist accepts the light of the Central Sun, a greater light, researches will remain unsatisfactory, I hold that many scientific theorists and experimenters today are advanced disciples who, although not acquainted with occultism per sa, subjectively are experienced initiated workers well acquainted with the light and inspiration of said central spiritual sun.


As  the  full  strength  of  a  chemical may  be  applied  to some  form  of  gross matter  without  injury  to  the  latter,  but must  be diluted if safely used by a man,  and still further diluted if used by a child,  so  the  energy  of  the  Central  Sun  is  freed  by  means  of  certain rays  in  proportion  to  the  character  of  the mass  which  has  attracted them, whether it be a sun or a world or a man. With the evolution of the sixth sense, consciousness will have a vehicle by means of which the  human  ego  will  be  able  to  solve many  of  the mysteries  of  light without  the  aid  of  a  microscope  or  any  other  material  agent.  The human eye will then be fully developed and will be all that is required in the line of a microscope. Man will then be able to look through the aforesaid windows made by bent rays of light which are now opaque to his vision. The mind of man is so generally bound by his theories regarding the constitution of matter that it is difficult for him to accept the fact that matter has no bona fide existence. [TT 456] Hilarion.


Refraction of Light:

Refraction is the bending of a wave when it enters a medium where it's speed is different. The refraction of light when it passes from a fast medium to a slow medium bends the light ray toward the normal to the boundary between the two media. The amount of bending depends on the indices of refraction of the two media and is described quantitatively by Snell's Law. The index of refraction is defined as the speed of light in vacuum divided by the speed of light in the medium.www.


Re: Motion and Vibration Light and Matter


The Atom:

g. His responsiveness to outer stimulation:

a. Electrical stimulation, affecting the outer form, or pranic response.

b. Magnetic stimulation, acting upon his subjective life. TCF.


JC: A reference to Particle/wave theory of Quantum Physics? The study of quantum mechanics does seem to be heading in the direction of "that barrier at the point where spirit and matter meet, and "where one must disappear to give space to the other." This describes for us the difference, if there is any, between subatomic particles and electromagnetic waves called wave-particle duality, where it seems, particles and waves are neither one nor the other as presently understood by contempary science, but they are distinguished and differentiated. We seem to have therefore Electrical stimulation of the outer form, physical/etheric, in the case of the atom of our consideration. Magnetic stimulation affecting the "subjective" magnetic wave like response, attraction and repulsion i.e. a particle/wave, negative/positive duality of quantum theory.


Physical/Etheric Atom:

An atom, we are told, contains within itself three major spirals and seven lesser which ten are in process of vitalisation, but have not yet attained full activity.  Only four are functioning at this stage, and the fifth is in process of development. TCF 247.


From Babbitt's Principles of Light and Color.

Since the postulation of the atomic theory by Democritus, many efforts have been made to determine the structure of atoms and the method by which they unite to form various elements, Even science has not refrained from entering this field of speculation and presents for consideration most detailed and elaborate representations of these minute bodies. By far the most remarkable conception of the atom evolved during the last century is that produced by the genius of Dr. Edwin D. Babbitt and which is reproduced herewith. The diagram is self-explanatory. It must be borne in mind that this apparently massive structure is actually s minute as to defy analysis. Not only did Dr. Babbitt create this form of the atom but he also contrived a method whereby these particles could be grouped together in an orderly manner and thus result in the formation of molecular bodies.


JC: Babbits Atom:

Intra spirals:

x 7 Red Positive torrent end.

Thermal colours x 7 Red to...

Electrical colours x 7 ...dark Violet

7 + 7 = fourteen prismatic colours (seven being complementary) KH.


Extra Spirals for frictional electricity: Heat.

Thermo Spirals x 3. Positive to Negative.

Negative Central Vortex

Neutral Balance at Mid

Positive Central Torrent

Spirilla. "In order to examine the construction of the atom, a space is artificially made, then, if an opening be made in the wall thus constructed, the surrounding force flows in, and three whorls immediately appear, surrounding the "hole" with their triple spiral of two and a half coils, and returning to their origin by a spiral within the atom; these are at once followed by seven finer whorls, which following the spiral of the first three on the outer surface and returning to their origin by a spiral within that, flowing in the opposite direction - form a caduceus with the first three. Each of the three coarser whorls, flattened out, makes a closed circle; each of the seven finer ones, similarly flattened out, makes a closed circle. The forces which flow in them, again, come from "outside," from a fourth-dimensional space. Each of the finer whorls is formed of seven yet finer ones, set successively at right angles to each other, each finer than its predecessor; these we call spirillae.


"Each spirilla is animated by the life-force of a plane, and four are at present normally active, one for each round. Their activity in an individual may be prematurely forced by yoga practice." - Occult Chemistry, p. 28.  TCF 71.


Motion on the Physical and Astral Planes: Absorption, through that depression which is seen in all whirling spheres of atomic matter at whichever surface in the sphere corresponds to the point called in a planet the North Pole. Some idea of the intention that I seek to convey may be grasped by a study of the atom as portrayed in Babbitt's "Principles of Light and Color," and later in Mrs. Besant's "Occult Chemistry." This depression is produced by radiations which proceed counter to the rotations of the sphere and pass down from the north southwards to a midway point. From there they tend to increase the latent heat, to produce added momentum and to give specific quality according to the source from which the radiation comes. This absorption of extra-spheroidal emanation is the secret of the dependence of one sphere upon another, and has its correspondence in the cycling of a ray through any plane sphere. Every atom, though termed spheroidal, is more accurately a sphere slightly depressed at one location, that location being the place through which flows the force which animates the matter of the sphere. This is true of all spheres, from the solar down to the atom of matter that we call the cell in the body physical. Through the depression in the physical atom flows the vitalizing force from without. Every atom is both positive and negative; it is receptive or negative where the inflowing force is concerned, and positive or radiatory where its own emanations are concerned, and in connection with its effect upon its environment. TCF 156.


JC: The caduceus is formed of intertwined forces moving in opposite direction. One directional force consists of three [major] "extra" spiral strands of thermo frictional electricity which ascend spiralling two and a half times around the circumference of the atom and then descends within it. Travelling in the opposite direction are the seven [minor] finer "intra" spiral threads or whorls of thermal/electrical colours. In the three whorls it is said, flow three different currents of electricity. Note the seven and three, spiral Caduceus like around the central influx and efflux etheric fourth-dimensional force, of the etheric atomic atom of force. The spirilla around the spirals are x 7 according to plane. In the illustration of Babbitt's atom there are central influx ethers which are pointed out by three distinct influx entrances. This indicates the three electrical energies that flow through the "three whorls" or extra spirals indicated as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd thermo spirals of force being related to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd logos and in turn differentiated into the seven planes and forty-nine sub planes or 7 x 7 = 49 if we include the root matter of the primary atom aditattva. We note that Tamas, Rajas and Sattva are the product of the 3rd logos "Absolute intelligence". The seven whorls of thermal/electrical colours reflect the seven and seven making fourteen primary and complimentary colours thus bringing a radiance and splendour of the most glorious displayed colour which represent the ability to respond to sound, music, movement and all manner of vibratory response and motion, a truly adaptive and creative heart unit of force indeed. Let us consider this from "occult Chemistry" ..."The Anu is a sun in miniature in its own universe of the inconceivably minute. Each of the seven whorls is connected with one of the Planetary Logoi so that each Planetary Logos has a direct influence playing on the very matter of which all things are constructed. It may be supposed that the three conveying electricity, a differentiation of Fohat, are related to the Solar Logos..." and this also ..."When a force is brought to bear upon it, it dances up and down, flings itself wildly from side to side, performs the most astonishing and rapid gyrations, but the three fundamental motions incessantly persist. If it be made to vibrate, as a whole, at the rate which gives any one of the seven colours, the whorl belonging to that colour glows out brilliantly..." This brings before us a superb description of the physical/etheric atom and also a keen observation as to how our acts are recorded in the physical/etheric impression we make on matter, for good or bad and how the law of karma operates and is recorded on one level. God bless.


We cannot raise an arm, pick up a pin from the ground, or perform any other movement of the body, without displacing some amount of air and ether from the position it previously held. No matter in what direction the motion points, we have thus created a vortex in space, and the air, ether or star-dust so displaced will demand satisfaction from the law of Karma. Every time the compressed energy of that vortex increases its rate of vibration on its pathway inward we will feel an impulse to perform the same act, and finally by repetition of the act, it will have become a settled habit, unless the impulse [TT2@25] to overcome is made by a stronger act of will and mind. If the movement made by us had been the result of an act of conscious Will and Mind, we have set up a physical, mental and spiritual cause the final result of which is beyond our power of computation. The forces of action and reaction–Karma–have been set up in the act, and to whatever degree we have helped or hindered the evolution of the substance and force displaced by that act, we will receive our deserts in the end.

It is very difficult for the average man to accept the fact that the cosmos is a unit and that every motion or act of mind or matter has some effect on every other unit of the mass. Karmic Law is even now bringing into our lives some of the Fruits of every action we have ever committed. Into the physical, mental and spiritual vortices we have created throughout our past incarnations, is now, and will be ever pouring the Seed, the First Causes, of all that we have done or will do in the future, until a perfect balance is created. Hilarion.


Re: Motion and Vibration Light and Matter


g. Its responsiveness to outer stimulation:

Electrical stimulation, affecting its objective form.

Magnetic stimulation, acting upon its subjective life.

The united effect of the two stimulations, producing consequent internal growth and development. TCF.


The Cycle of Sunship.

JC:  The above statement of DK related to me the occult reality and probable theoretical cause of a little known teaching on the "cycle of Sunship". Very briefly, both HPB and Hilarion indicate that under certain karmic instances a Sun may become a planet and consequently, in time may become a Sun once again. This has always been of special interest to me. Having studied the work of Lena Hau I realised that she had demonstrated by way of scientific experiment and demonstration a working analogical and microcosmic equivalent to Sunship. Using lasers, she gathered photon light particles which individually for our purposes represents the Sun and reduced them to atoms of matter by critical reduction in their vibrational frequency thus reducing them, for our purpose of consideration, to planets. We might state that through reduced stimulation artificially created, "internal growth and development" were drastically curtailed and reversed whilst still leaving the particle atoms alive. 'Life, thrill and livingness' were still present within the internal constitution of the atomic structures. Not only was this achieved i.e. a Sun was transformed to a planet, but the reverse order was achieved with the same living atoms, once photons, becoming once again Suns [photons] as the "internal growth and development" was re-stimulated by way of light lasers exciting the atoms and transmuting them i.e. their electrical and magnetic properties ["the united effect of the two stimulations"] to their original state as partials of light. As said this working hypothesis in my view demonstrates the apparent occult phenomena of karmic Sunship and I commend it as such for consideration and contemplation.

Macrocosmically we consider the necessity of karmic law in appointing which of the seven brothers, or otherwise, shall take up the sequential title as a "shining face" in a new solar system post pralaya and always due to events of circumstance and necessity worked out in a prior system. At the end of this system the seven suns absorb all the material and objectivity of the Solar System and then abstract into pralaya. What happens during this abstraction or solar nirvana, we might wonder, but always upon the initial processes of objectivity do the seven sons or more, manifest as great suns, entering out of pralaya as that which they truly are before descending into the required matter accordingly to the body of incarnation as karmic law demands. Whether that body be a dense material globe, or a more rarefied one such as a gas giant ect. Or, if karma permits, a sun manifesting as a great body of fire. This paper does not do justice to, or touch upon in the least detail, the stupendous and sacred processes of the planetary and solar logi or the great laws of karma, which they are subject to. It only seeks to kindle the spiritual imagination or intuition of a group of human brothers.


"Proffessor Hau stated that the light particles became particles of matter. This in effect was the result of the tremendous reduction in temperature of the particles which reduced the highly charges photons so critically that the light or high luminosity factor was greatly reduced or ended temporarily. Reduced atomic particles were sent to another condensate which captured the matter wave/particles [atoms] and converted it back to light as another laser beam was shone into the matter particles and thus again excited the matter particles which increased their vibration rate once again to their original rate of frequency or livingness and thus reappeared as light photons in their original energetic state. Lene Hau and co-workers state that light was also made to travel faster than 186,000 miles per second, presumably by exciting the vibration rate in excess of the original." JC.


Cosmic Karma - Imposed upon the solar Logos from outside of the system.

Systemic Karma - The working out by the Logos of effects set in motion in previous Kalpas, and which influence His present type of Body.

Planetary Karma - The individual karma of a Heavenly Man, which is just as *different from that of another Heavenly Man.* TCF 469.


Much earlier kalpas... of an earlier solar cycle. TCF 727.


JC: HPB states that "in KALPAS past" Mars was a great Sun, so that seems to be a time cycle for Sunship, for we are told very clearly that it will become so again. 


Yet both in Kalpas past were bright Nyimas [suns], and may in future "Days" again become two Suns. Such are the falls and rises of the Karmic Law in nature. Suns..Mercury and Mars. Voice of the Silence. HPB.


At one time Mars was a great sun and when its cycle of Sunship ceased it became a planet.


Jupiter... Being now selfluminous to a large degree is significant. This means that when the great energy of our Sun and its source is exhausted, which may take hundreds of thousands or millions of years, Jupiter will take the Sun's place in the heavens and all the planets will revolve around it as they do now around the present Sun. Thus we see how Suns are evolved and when they lose the source of their great energy they become planets. [TT2@298] Hilarion.


Jupiter. "A critical planet, or an orb composed internally of associated elements in the critical state." "Recent observations justify us in regarding this as a miniature sun." Mattieu Williams. 1881. SD2 137.


When the time comes for a planet to die, it becomes a "relaxed conglomerate" and slowly breaks up or has its matter osmosed to another center, as the moon is now losing its substance to the earth. Its energies -- including the spiritual and psychic, and possessing among their subtle bonds the magnetic Karmic lines of the individual living Egos, of all the now unmanifest life of the system, escape; freed for the time being from the bonds of that sort of matter, it passes through a cometary stage, is finally captured by the body destined to be its future sun and life-giver, and from thence, almost in agreement with the "planetesimal" theory, grows physically and otherwise, and evolves its whole gigantic physical life-system; and even as its visible body augments, so its invisible energies come into full function on their own planes -- a new "planetary chain" of "globes." And many are the Karmic rises and falls of such a body through its successive reincarnations for good or for ill!


Behold Migmar,* as in his crimson veils his "Eye" sweeps over slumbering Earth. Behold the fiery aura of the "Hand" of Lhagpa** extended in protecting love over the heads of his ascetics. Both are now servants to Nyima*** left in his absence silent watchers in the night. Yet both in Kalpas past were bright Nyimas, and may in future "Days" again become two Suns. Such are the falls and rises of the Karmic Law in nature.   Voice Of The Silence.  H.P.Blavatsky. [*Mars.] [**Mercury.] [***The Sun.] VOS fragment II 26.


THEOSOPHY, Vol. 18, No. 10, August, 1930.

Exhaust the law of Karmic retribution. Gain Siddhis for thy future birth.


If Sun thou can'st not be, then be the humble planet. Aye, if thou art debarred from flaming like the noon-day Sun upon the snow-capped mount of purity eternal, then choose, O Neophyte, a humbler course.

Point out the "Way" -- however dimly, and lost among the host -- as does the evening star to those who tread their path in darkness. Voice HPB.



March 2007.

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